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Sony a6000 with 16-70mm lens

An informal review of the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera paired with the Sony-Zeiss 16-70mm lens.

12 November 2014



When I first made the move to a DigitalSLR I deliberately bought a cheaper camera - a Canon Rebel XTi/400D. I did this partly to put more money to lenses, but also becuase I knew that technology would move on and I'd be looking to replace the body in a few years.

22 February 2011



Like many geeks I'm into photography. We geeks like photography because it provides the veneer of an artistic endeavor while allowing us to indulge in lots of technical details and spend money on expensive toys. A friend recently asked about my camera buying decisions, a question that prompted me to write them down.

7 August 2009



A couple of Christmases ago Cindy gave me a Magellan Meridian Gold GPS device. Since I'm better than the average bear at navigating, I didn't see it as something I really needed but something to play around with. Since then I've found it more an interesting toy than something I really use a lot.

6 September 2004



A few months ago, I bought a Google Nexus 7 tablet. I like to wait until I've used a device for a while before I post my experiences of it, but the disadvantage of that policy is that now the tablet I'm talking about has been superseded. That said, I'll pass on my comments anyway, since they may still be helpful to others considering their future tablet options.

8 October 2013



One of our favorite toys over the last couple of years has been the Squeezebox. It's a very simple device - about the size of a router, with ports for power, Ethernet, amplifier, and aerials for wireless LAN. Its job is to take mp3 files streamed from a server and play them through the amplifier.

21 May 2006



I've not seen myself as an iFanboy. I didn't get an iPhone for ages after it came out, and only got one because it was the only way to upgrade my data plan to 3G. I use a mac, but I also have an Ubuntu desktop. But I have got an iPad, and I think it's a significant product.

4 June 2010


Garmin Oregon 600 - a brief review

Not long ago, a GPS unit (I rather like the British word "satnav") that you carry around when hiking, was a geeky item for gadget freaks. These days, most fairly well-off people carry a smart phone with that capability and take it for granted, so much so that it's reasonable to wonder if there's any value left in a dedicated handheld satnav. I still rather like having one, I use it either when hiking, or mounted on my handlebars when cycling. I prefer it because it's more rugged in poor weather, and also using the GPS won't drain my phone battery. For the last few years I've used the Garmin 60CSx. It's a nice unit, but my device has a worsening fault with it freezing on startup.

So I fancied getting something new, and I settled on the Garmin Oregon 600. So far I haven't had a chance to use it on the bike, and the winter means I won't get such a chance for several more months. But I did take it for a few days hiking in Switzerland, and thought I'd share my experiences.

8 December 2014



Like many obsessive snappers, I've recently got hold of the Canon S90 camera. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but has the kind of things that people with pretensions to seriousness like: full manual controls, RAW file support, a good sensor, and an f2 lens.

5 May 2010



I recently decided to upgrade my home MediaServer and got an HP N36L. So far I'm happy with it.

24 June 2011



I recently decided to upgrade our home server setup. I posted some thoughts about what I was planning to do here, and now I've updated this page with what I did.



These are now called a Squeezebox.



A few months ago I got issued a new company laptop - a Macbook Pro with the Thunderbolt port. As I got it started idly thinking about getting a Thunderbolt display. I've heard good things about Apple displays, despite their expense, and the idea of a display that would act as a docking station was appealing.

23 November 2011