The product Is – Is not – Does – Does not

22 February 2022

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Sometimes, it’s easier to describe something by saying what it isn't. This activity explores how we might explain the product this way, by asking specifically about each positive and negative aspect of the product.

How we do it

  1. Divide a white canvas or flipchart in four areas: Is / Is not / Does / Does not.
  2. Write the name of the product above the quadrants.
  3. Ask each participant to describe the product by putting post-its onto the corresponding areas.
  4. Read and group similar notes.

This activity helps to explain the product. Afterwards the participants usually have formed a consensus view on what the product does as well as what the product doesn’t do. We can also clarify strategic decisions, such as things the product will never do.

The Lean Inception
Monday Introduce the inception, kick off, and Write the Product VisionThe product Is – Is not – Does – Does not
TuesdayDescribe the PersonasDiscover the Features
WednesdayTechnical, User eXperience and Business ReviewShow the User Journeys
ThursdayDisplay Features in JourneysSequence the Features
FridayBuild the MVP Canvas Showcase the results of the inception to those interested in the project

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