Retirement note for Model View Presenter Pattern

11 July 2006

This is part of the Further Enterprise Application Architecture development writing that I was doing in the mid 2000’s. Sadly too many other things have claimed my attention since, so I haven’t had time to work on them further, nor do I see much time in the foreseeable future. As such this material is very much in draft form and I won’t be doing any corrections or updates until I’m able to find time to work on it again.

Upon further study and reflection, I decided that pattern that was here under the name "Model View Presenter" needed to be split, so I have separated it into Supervising Controller and Passive View. You can find a discussion of the origins of Model-View-Presenter in the context of UI architectures here.

Significant Revisions

11 July 2006: Pattern split and retired

19 July 2004: First public release.

13 May 2004: First TW version.