Rss Feeds

11 March 2005

I have a couple of feeds for those who like to use them. Although I've used the term RSS Feed here, they are actually Atom feeds.

The updates feed covers changes to my web site - it's the same things as you can see in the "Recent Updates" section of my home page. It's pretty low volume as web site updates are spotty at best. This is the one to pick if you want to know about site updates but don't care to read my blog.

The bliki feed contains the new items on my blog (what appears on the bliki page). It also includes general site updates from the updates feed so people who want everything can do so with a single feed instead of having to subscribe to two feeds.

Another way to subscribe to my feeds is to subscribe to the ThoughtBlogs feed, which contains all the various blogs by ThoughtWorkers. This feed syndicates my bliki feed. There are quite a few other feeds that syndicate my feeds, but I'm afraid I don't keep track of them.

I added the atom feeds on December 27th 2006. Before then I had feeds in RSS 0.91. Currently those feeds are still there, but deprecated. I will remove them if I ever have to put any effort to keep them running.