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My main inspiration in life is trying to capture and improve the way in which we do software development. So I spend a lot of time talking to people about various techniques they've used, which ones work well and which ones suck.

As I do this, I often hear about faulty techniques: "FIT wasn't worth the effort", "never put any logic in stored procedures", "test driven design led to a chaotic mess". The problem with any report of a faulty technique is to figure out if the technique itself is faulty, or whether the application of the technique was faulty.

Let's take a couple of examples. Several friends of mine commented how stored procedures were a disaster because they weren't kept in version control (instead they had names like GetCust01, GetCust02, GetCust02B etc). That's not a problem with stored procedures, that's a problem with people not using them properly. Similar a criticism that TDD led to a brittle design on further questioning led to the discovery that the team in question hadn't done any refactoring - and refactoring is a critical step in TDD.

Of course if you take all this too far, you get the opposite effect. I often say "no methodology has ever failed". My reason for this is that given any failure (assuming you can know WhatIsFailure) you can find some variation from the methodology. Hence the methodology wasn't followed and therefore didn't fail. This issue is compounded even further with self-adaptive agile methods.

So when you hear of techniques failing, you need to ask a lot more questions.

An interesting aspect of this is whether certain techniques are fragile; that is they are hard to apply correctly and thus more prone to a faulty application. If it's hard to use a technique properly, that's a reasonable limitation on the technique, reducing the context when it can be used.

There's no simple answer to this problem, since with these techniques we are as unable to measure compliance as we are unable to measure their successfulness. The important thing to do is whenever you hear of a technique failing - always remember the dichotomy.

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