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When I first made the move to a DigitalSLR I deliberately bought a cheaper camera - a Canon Rebel XTi/400D. I did this partly to put more money to lenses, but also becuase I knew that technology would move on and I'd be looking to replace the body in a few years.

I got the itch this year, and was sorely tempted by the Canon Rebel T2i/550D. It seemed to be almost the quality jump that would make me get my credit card, but not quite. As I considered the purchase I felt that I needed something more before I'd make the jump, and one something that would make the difference was a articulated screen for live view.

Serious photographers tend to dismiss the importance of an articulated screen, saying that it's only worthwhile for video work. But while I use the viewfinder for 98.37% of my shots, from time to time I find shooting angles that are just too awkward or impossible to do. So when I saw the Canon 60D announced, finally getting the articulated screen, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist it. I bought it the day after I read that Apple supported its raw format.

Here's some initial thoughts

And yes, the articulated screen gets very occasional but very much appreciated use.